ShowerFloss is the ultimate flossing device.

Recommended by thousands of dentists and hygienists, it has been shown to be far more effective and convenient than string floss in preventing plaque buildup, cleaning out pockets, massaging and strengthening gums and most importantly, getting patients to floss daily!

Simple & Convenient

ShowerFloss installs in minutes and lasts for years. You will enjoy flossing every day with a convenience and effectiveness that string flossing and electrical sink-mounted units cannot match.

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    Fits all standard showers

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    Installs in minutes

  • Dial icon

    Adjustable temperature & pressure

  • Sink icon

    No messy sink or clean-up

  • Water drop icon

    Never runs out of water

  • Tooth icon

    Always ready to use

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    Lasts for years

How to Install ShowerFloss

Mother helping child to brush teeth

ShowerFloss for Families & Children

Kids often are scared away from floss after their first experience with bleeding gums. ShowerFloss solves this issue!

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Dentist cleaning patient's teeth

ShowerFloss for Dentists & Distributors

We have an excellent bulk shipment program for dental offices and distributors.

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Man using ShowerFloss in the shower

ShowerFloss for a Healthy Lifestyle

Dental irrigation is essential to oral hygiene and can help prevent gum disease and tooth decay. It’s best to irrigate your teeth once a day, preferably after brushing.

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Simple, Universal, Essential & Affordable

ShowerFloss is one of those products that makes people think, "What a great idea!" As long as people take showers, there will always be a need for ShowerFloss. It is so affordable, and the potential health benefits so enormous, that ShowerFloss should be in every shower. Can you afford to not ShowerFloss?