Why Dental Professionals Love ShowerFloss

FOR DENTAL PROFESSIONALS who wish to provide ShowerFloss to their patients, wholesale pricing is available. We manufacture an excellent Oral Irrigator that is effective, convenient, affordable, and conducive to daily use. Your patients will appreciate the convenience of a shower location. Once installed, there is no further set up required. Also, it is non-electric, so there are no plugs or batteries to deal with. ShowerFloss uses the pressure of the water from the shower, and the exclusive divert valve allows your patient full control over variable water pressure at the pik. Increased patient compliance is assured.

Thousands of Dentists and Hygienists have purchased and recommend our product. The FDA accepted ShowerFloss in 1992, and it was placed on CRA’s Most Highly Rated Products in 1995. Over 2,000 dental offices provide ShowerFloss directly to their patients. 

For Dentist & Distributor Wholesale Pricing call: 800-736-2300

FOR ORTHODONTISTS, ShowerFloss is the ideal solution to the biggest problem for ortho patients: cleaning teeth and appliances. Nearly every orthodontist recommends oral irrigation for their patients. Standard electrical sink-top units are messy and inconvenient. They are often underused or end up under the sink gathering dust. ShowerFloss is instantly ready the moment you step into the shower. This convenience and simplicity is why our compliance is unmatched. Many orthodontists include ShowerFloss in their new patients package. Please contact us to find out more.

Simple, Universal, Essential and Affordable

ShowerFloss is one of those products that makes people think, "What a great idea!" As long as people take showers, there will always be a need for ShowerFloss. It is so affordable, and the potential health benefits so enormous, that ShowerFloss should be in every shower! Can you afford to not ShowerFloss?

Change the Way Your Patients Floss

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ShowerFloss is the ultimate flossing device. Recommended by thousands of dentists and... 

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