Your Oral Health: Surprising Connections

In recent years research has found surprising connections between oral disease and other systemic diseases such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. This has become known as the “oral-systemic link.” It was found, for example, that up to 91% of all patients with heart disease have periodontitis. The medical community is only now beginning to recognize the importance of good oral hygiene to overall health.

The Chain of Events Leading to Dental & Systemic Disease

It all begins with the formation of

PLAQUE, which turns into

TARTAR, which houses and protects

BACTERIA, which create

ACIDS & TOXINS, which cause

GINGIVITIS, and leads to

PERIODONTITIS, which results in the

DISSOLVING of bone tissue and ligaments.

It is now known that these bacteria not only lead to periodontal problems but are also associated with many systemic diseases. They enter the bloodstream through diseased gums.


"I have found that water irrigation as an adjunct to routine brushing and flossing can be a significant factor in maintaining periodontal health. For many, flossing is problematic, and for patients with periodontal compromises, flossing subgingivally has its limitations. The ShowerFloss is the most economical and practical way to use water irrigation as a way to enhance dental and periodontal health."

- John Y Kwan DDS, Oakland, CA - Diplomat of the American Board of Periodontology

Breaking the Chain

Preventing gingivitis and periodontitis and breaking the oral systemic link is simple: stop plaque from forming and strengthen gums. Flossing is good, ShowerFlossing is unbeatable. The powerful stream of water dilutes and flushes plaque away. It also massages and strengthens gums, closing the gaps between teeth and gums that can trap bacteria. And because it is in the shower you will use it!

  • Plaque on tooth icon


    A sticky, substance of bacterial colonies that form continuously. If not removed, plaque will harden into tarter—a cement like substance.

  • Teet icon


    Builds on itself and promotes more plaque growth that protects the invading bacteria. Flossing will not remove tartar; only professional cleaning can scrape it away.

  • Acid/toxins icon


    Irritate and cause bleeding gums. In advanced stages, they attack bone, dissolving it away, never to return.

  • Cake icon


    Their starches and sugars react with bacteria to form acids and toxins. These powerful compounds create cavities and cause gum and bone disease.

  • Tooth icon

    Periodontal Ligaments

    Fibers that attach teeth to gums and bone. The acids and toxins created by bacteria destroy these fibers, causing the gums to pull away from the bone creating pockets and loosening teeth.

  • Mouth icon

    Dry Mouth

    Invites plaque formation and has no defense against the ravages of bacteria. Irrigation is a must when there is a lack of normal saliva flow.

Are You One of the 90%+ Who Hates to Floss?

The Dental Profession now emphasizes soft tissue management or periodontal therapy procedures, which deal primarily with reducing the amount of toxic bacteria. This includes non-surgical periodontal treatment of gums along with effective home care. Oral irrigation is one the most effective means.

Oral Irrigators, with pressurized fluid forced between teeth, along gum lines and down into pockets, effectively dilute and reduce plaque. This inhibits the ability of bacteria and toxins to destroy teeth, gums and bone.

ShowerFloss is the ultimate flossing device. It is convenient, effective and affordable with no mess. It will not harm the gums. With excellent massaging action it flushes out pockets of any depth. Shower location makes it conducive to DAILY use. And that, of course, is the KEY to good dental health.

The most common dental problems (and the resulting expenses) are preventable with an affordable investment. It only makes sense.


Control Plaque 
before trouble starts!

Woman using ShowerFloss

ShowerFloss is the Ultimate Flossing Device

REDUCE BACTERIA and gums will begin to heal themselves. The massaging action of water dilutes and flushes toxic plaque from pockets and other areas that string floss and toothbrushes cannot reach. This stimulates gums and increases blood flow to further promote healing.

Girl with braces holding ShowerFloss pik

Sensitivity is Not a Problem

Our adjustable temperature and pressure is an exclusive ShowerFloss feature. Some sensitivity and bleeding may occur at first but quickly diminishes, and pressure can be gradually increased.

Woman holding ShowerFloss device

Flossing in the Shower is Convenient

The shower location makes it conducive to daily use. And that, of course, is the key to good dental health. The thousands of dentists who recommend ShowerFloss know that if it’s in the shower patients will use it! And the results can be dramatic.

Man using ShowerFloss

ShowerFloss is Effective

PLAQUE, with over 200 identified types of bacteria, is the main cause of periodontal disease. It forms continuously and needs to be removed daily. Most destruction occurs below the gum line, often going undetected in early stages.

Two basic types of plaque are found in the mouth:

1. Attached Plaque (AP) found above the gum lines is by far the least toxic.

2. Loosely Attached Plaque (LAP) found below the gum lines contains up to 60 times the concentration of toxins seen in AP. Spirochetes are corkscrew shaped bacteria found in LAP and are the center of periodontal disease activity. Fortunately, LAP with its high concentration of toxic bacteria, is easily diluted and reduced with irrigation. ShowerFloss is very effective in flushing LAP from sub-gingival areas where string floss is useless.

Oral irrigation stops plaque from forming and eliminates the major cause of destructive diseases of the gums. It also prevents bacteria from entering the bloodstream that can cause a host of systemic diseases. Oral irrigation in the shower means you will floss on a regular basis. There are no excuses!

ShowerFloss piks in wall hanger on shower wall

ShowerFloss is Practical

PATIENT COMPLIANCE with traditional floss is extremely poor. Most people do not floss regularly. Some reasons cited are: a handicap, lack of dexterity, arthritis, large hands, a small mouth, tight teeth and universal dislike for using string floss.

NON-FLOSSERS have demonstrated just how far they will go to avoid flossing. They have even turned to products claiming to chemically remove plaque. These mouth rinses are not effective between teeth and below the gum line.

STRING-FLOSS is dreaded by most and difficult to handle. It does not massage gums and must be threaded under bridges. It cuts gums, catches in teeth, may loosen fillings and is unable to reach irregular tooth surfaces or down in pockets.

ShowerFloss is a practical answer for anyone with flossing difficulties.

Smiling orthodontist in office

Sold & Recommended by Thousands of Dentists and Hygienists

ShowerFloss is similar to the oral irrigation device used in dentists' offices. They advise brushing first to disturb plaque making the flushing action of ShowerFloss even more effective. The wall hanger provided also holds toothbrushes and encourages you to brush in the shower, further adding to convenience.

Simple, Universal, Essential and Affordable

ShowerFloss is one of those products that makes people think, "What a great idea!" As long as people take showers, there will always be a need for ShowerFloss. It is so affordable, and the potential health benefits so enormous, that ShowerFloss should be in every shower! Can you afford to not ShowerFloss?