How to Help Kids Use ShowerFloss

We know how difficult it is to get children to clean their teeth, especially if they have braces. If you start them off right, as described above, they will enjoy the ShowerFloss and develop a good oral hygiene habit that will be with them the rest of their lives. Of course, this goes for parents as well!

We stress the fact that anyone using ShowerFloss should experience no discomfort. If the pressure is too high it could hurt or scare the child. If it tickles too much the child may refuse to use it. Also, normal safety precautions must be taught. It must be kept away from the eyes, ears and other sensitive parts of the body. For proper and effective use of our product, we strongly recommend that ShowerFloss be used with no pain, tickling or discomfort.

  • Tip 1

    Start with the lowest pressure. As gums firm up with continued use, increase the pressure to a level that is comfortable for the individual.

  • Tip 2

    Adjust the shower water temperature to warm, then turn the shower water down to 1/2 normal flow. Now open the ShowerFloss valve and continue turning the valve out, increasing the pressure to a comfortable level.

  • Tip 3

    Tickle is caused by water spraying in mouth. Holding more water in mouth and the pik closer (against) teeth and gums dampens the spray.

  • Tip 4

    With the shower on, have the child turn the valve all the way out and back in a few times. They should all see how this shuts off the shower water as it increases pressure at the pik.

  • Tip 5

    You might want to try brushing in the shower too; it’s convenient, loosens plaque, food particles and allows more to be flushed away with the jet stream.

  • Tip 6

    Give the piks a slight twist for easy attaching or removal from handle. Do not push straight in or pull straight out.

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Orthodontists Love ShowerFloss

Orthodontists find ShowerFloss particularly beneficial for their patients. Flossing with braces is difficult and inconvenient. Many patients fail to do an adequate job of keeping their teeth clean and end up with straight but damaged teeth at the end of their treatment. ShowerFloss is not only effective, it is so simple and easy to use that most kids floss willingly each time they shower.

A prominent Orthodontist with five offices in SW Florida has provided ShowerFloss to his young patients for years. We are pleased he has allowed us to use the following endorsement in our advertisements:

"We encourage all patients to use ShowerFloss. Orthodontic appliances cause gingival irritation and make oral hygiene difficult. We noticed improved hygiene and reduced gingival inflammation in most patients."

- Daniel Endrizal DDS, Ft Myers, FL – Orthodontics Exclusively

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ShowerFloss is one of those products that makes people think, "What a great idea!" As long as people take showers, there will always be a need for ShowerFloss. It is so affordable, and the potential health benefits so enormous, that ShowerFloss should be in every shower! Can you afford to not ShowerFloss?

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