ShowerFloss FAQs

General Questions

What is ShowerFloss?

Are there special items for the handicapped?

Where can I find additional information on ShowerFloss?

Why floss daily?

Installing ShowerFloss

Will it fit my shower?

How do you install ShowerFloss?

Using ShowerFloss

How does it work?

Can I use ShowerFloss without actually taking a shower?

Does ShowerFloss replace "string" floss?

Why is Oral Irrigation more effective than string floss?

Purchasing ShowerFloss

What comes in the box?

Can I purchase extra parts, and what is available?

How much does it cost?

Is wholesale pricing available?

Refund & Return Policy, Warranty and Privacy Policy

Is there a Refund and Return Policy?

Is there a warranty?

What is your customer privacy policy?